I already have my own domain name; can I still use it for my TeamPage?

In short yes, although it is a little trickier than just using our sub-domains.  But for those of you who have already gone out and spent the $10-15 a year to own your own domain name there are two options here:  you can either up a redirect from your domain to your TeamPage, which will automatically send visitors from www.yourdomain.com right to yourtreampagesdomain.teampages.com;  or you can point the A record to the IP of www.teampages.com which results in a URL that would look like www.yourdomain.com/teams/12345-your-team.

Depending on your domain provider, this process may be a little different on a case by case basis, so we suggest giving our customer support a call at 1-800-500-7203 if you’re unsure.

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