How do I subscribe to My Calendar?

TeamPages has a great a calendar sync feature that allows you to sync your TeamPages calendar with our own personal calendar app, i.e. Google, Outlook, and even your smartphone!


To take advantage of the Calendar Sync feature, you'll need to have a TeamPages Pro account, and unfortunately isn't available with our Free/Basic team sites (to upgrade, go to your team Settings area where you'll find the upgrade option, or call TeamPages Customer Support 800-500-7203 ext. 106)


Syncing your TeamPages Calendar with Google: 


  1. From your main profile page, go to "My Schedule":
  2. Follow the "Subscribe" link in your personal Calendar view: 
  3. Hit "View Entire Link"; and this will give you a webcal://....ics address:
  4. Copy and paste your webcal://....ics into your personal calendar app:
Syncing your TeamPages Calendar with Outlook:
Note that you'll need to at least be running Outlook 2007 to add internet calendars, or subscribe to your TeamPages Calendar:
  1. Follow Steps 1-3 from above:
  2. Go to your Tools option in your top menu bar and select the Account Settings option:
  3. Select the Internet Calendars option:
  4. Paste the webcal...ics link from your TeamPages subscribe link and paste it here:
Syncing TeamPages with your SmartPhone:

You'll need to sync your SmartPhone with Google first, then use the Google Sync to sync to your Smartphone.

Follow the instructions from the Google Mobile Sync here to sync to your IPhone, Blackberry or to other smart phone devices:
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