How do I activate my text message alerts?

To activate your phone to receive text messages, click on the “Account Settings” link found at the top of any page.  Next, scroll down to “My Notification Settings” and click “Change” to update your number.  When prompted, enter in your mobile number in the format (15551234567) and be sure to include the “1” before the area code.

Next you will receive a message that reads:
Your SMS number has not been verified. To receive SMS updates, please text TEAMPAGES to 82442 (or +447624803802 if you live outside of Canada or the United States.) Upon receiving the confirmation text "You subscribed to updates from TeamPages", click here to send yourself a message to complete the verification.”

After following those instructions, your phone should be ready to receive SMS message from team managers in addition to game, practice and event reminders.

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