How do I set up my TeamPage account if I've received the email invite?

How to set up your TeamPages profile in less than 4 minutes:  For players and/or parents


Step 1:  Become a member of your team's TeamPage Roster

At this point your coach will have already set up a TeamPage for your team.  Give your email address to your coach; you need to have an email address in order to have a profile, one profile per email address (if you wish to use one email for multiple profiles see here for our temporary solution to this).  Once your coach has added you to the rooster and sent out the invite you will receive an email in your email inbox similar to the following:


Hi “your name”,


I'm inviting you to join our Team fun Baseball team at This is a new website that we're using to help with communication for the team as well as post and share our game and practice schedules, news, photos and more.

To accept the invitation and to check out our new TeamPage, just click the following link, or paste the link into your browser:


“your coach”

Click on the link in the email.

Step 2: Create Your Account

The link will direct you to this page:

Fill in your information and use the email address to which the email was sent.  Don’t forget to read the terms of service and then check the the accept box!

Click on “Create My Account” button

Congratulations, you now have an account with TeamPages.  You should now be seeing a team invitation, you can either accept or reject.  You probably want to accept and then you will be linked to your team’s TeamPage.

Step 3:  What now?

Now that you have created an account in TeamPages and are linked to your sports team you can update your information, upload a profile picture, enter your stats, sports you play, share photos and more fun stuff!


Update Your Profile Information

This is where you can update your contact information, upload a profile photo, and add more fun stats about yourself.  Click on the ‘Edit Profile Information’ link as shown:

You will be directed to a page like this:

Fill in the fields under ‘My Bio Information’ box.  Don’t forget to click on the ‘save’ button else your information will not be updated! 

Fill in the fields in the other boxes as you like.  You don’t have to enter any information if you don’t want to.

‘My Contact Information’  This information can be shared with your team members and more depending on the privacy setting you choose.  To edit this see Update Account Settings further down.  Don’t forget to click on the ‘save’ button!

‘Personal Information’  You can fill these fields in and it will show up on your profile home page.

Upload a profile photo!  Make it fun and/or sporty, this photo will appear next to your name on your team rooster and on your profile page.  Include all sports you play!  Include your education!  Don’t forget to click on the ‘save’ button! 



Update Your Account Settings

This is where you can set the privacy settings on your profile information, choose how to receive notifications (via email or SMS), change your email address, change your password, leave a team, deactivate/delete your account and more!

Click on ‘Account Settings’  There are two links for this, click on either one.  The link at the top of the page can be accessed by you no matter what page you are viewing.

you will be directed to a page like this one:

My Account Privacy’  In this box you can select who can see various boxes of information about you.  Don’t forget to click on the ‘save’ button! 

‘My Notification Settings’  In this box you can change the email address to which notifications get sent to you.  If you want to receive SMS notifications you need to add your mobile phone number here.  Check and uncheck the boxes for which you wish whether or not to receive notifications for various updates and reminders.  Don’t forget to click on the ‘save’ button!

Things you can do

  • View your team’s schedule

  • View previous game scores and stats

  • Team news updates

  • Share photos and videos from the game

  • Share documents:  for example team guidelines, team cheers, etc.

  • Personalize your profile page, click and drag the boxes around the page

  • Have friends that play on other teams?  Add them to your friends list so they can view your profile

  • Message other team members or send communications to the entire team - this could be a good way to arrange car pools to/from games and practices!


You should find links to all these from your TeamPage profile.

If you have any questions you can easily reach us via email or toll free 1-800-500-7203

Good luck to you and your team!  Have fun and keep playing. 

TeamPages Support



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