How do I manage multiple profiles with only one email address?

Managing multiple TeamPages profiles with one main email address - the temporary solution


Often families will want to use one family email address to manage each family member’s profiles on TeamPages.  Due to the nature of how TeamPages is set up, each profile requires a unique email address; although, each profile member can be part of multiple teams.

While the guys here at TeamPages are hard at work to tackle this issue, we have come up with a temporary solution that is quick and easy!  All you need to do is set up a GMail account for each new profile and have it forward all TeamPages emails to the main family email address.  Its really easy to do and will take only a couple minutes to complete.  Just follow these simple steps.


Step 1:  Set up an GMail Account


Copy and paste into your web browser address bar or click on this link:    click on “Sign up for Google Mail”



Fill in the information for your email account and then click on the “I accept.  Create my account”  to accept Google Mail’s terms of agreement and create your new email account.  On the next page there will be a link in the top right that says "I'm ready - show me my account"  click on that.



Step 2:  Forward all emails from TeamPages to your main email account


From the main page of the gmail account you just created, click on Settings in the top right-hand corner 



Click on Filters then Create a new filter


Fill in the filter criteria as follows:

In the field From: type in “ ”    click on “Next Step”



Check the Forward it to: box and in that field enter the email address you wish to receive all TeamPages notifications and communications.  Click Create Filter



Congratulations, you have created a filter for all TeamPages communications!


Now you can use this email address to set up a new profile in TeamPages while all TeamPages communications will be sent directly to your one main email address.


You can create as many gmail accounts as you like and have them all forwarded to your one main email address.  Create one for each member of your family who needs a TeamPages profile.  If you run into any troubles just give us a call!  1 (800) 500-7203

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